Bareos Project News Reader introduces Co-Funding programme has recently introduced a co-financing programme that will enable users and customers to co-finance new features. Often Bareos users want to provide the funding of new features which Bareos is not able to implement due to cost restrictions and corresponding priorities in the development process. These users cannot or do not always want to fund the development costs in full, though.


Through the co-funding program on multiple users are now enabled to raise the necessary funds for new features together. Thereby users get the opportunity to co-finance features that are already planned, as well as advance their own proposals for new features.


Speaking of features, maybe you would like to take a look at one of the current co-sponsored ones, the „Extended ACL Filtering“. This feature will expand the ACL support of Bareos, making it possible to restrict user's access to the resources that have been assigned to him. Two sponsors have already contributed 54 % of the funds needed to complete the feature. If you want to take closer look at this or get more information about the programme in general, just visit the funding page at It is possible to contribute any amount from 100 Euros upwards.


Contributors will be listed on the co-funding page in the sponsors section (if they want to). The amount will invoiced by the „Bareos GmbH & Co. KG“, a German-based company. The features will become part of the Bareos open source solution, licensed AGPL.


If you want to contribute to the Extended ACL Filtering feature or any other on the list, or even propose your own one, you can contact the Bareos-Team via email and state the amount you would want to throw in. Your offer should at least be valid for 3 months. You should state in your email how long you hold open your offer.

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