Bareos - Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced

AGPLv3 LogoBareos is a 100% open source fork of the backup project from bacula.org. The fork is in development since late 2010, it has a lot of new features.

The source has been published on github, licensed AGPLv3.

Have a look and find out what's new in Bareos or go directly to the download section.

Differences between bareos.org / bareos.com

There are two websites bearing the name Bareos: bareos.org and bareos.com. As this often leads to misunderstanding, let's clarify: bareos.org is the project website while bareos.com is the company website of the identically named company Bareos.


We often get requests from Bareos users about the availability of maintenance releases. Please note the following about the release of packages:


Maintenance releases are, as source code, available to everyone. However, as packages (from a repository), they are only available to subscription customers on download.bareos.com.


The source code of Bareos is, of course, always freely available on github, so you can always compile the latest version of Bareos (including the maintenance releases) from source yourself. The professional service of building and testing quality assured packages, however, is a service only the Bareos company offers, and that through subscription.


For easier comparison of bareos.org and bareos.com, please refer to the following table:

One software, two options:

  Community version:
Professional services:
  Source Code
Source Code1 Available on GitHub: https://github.com/bareos
Experimental packages Available on download.bareos.org ---
Initial major release2 Available on download.bareos.org Available on download.bareos.com
Updates and Bugfix releases (Source code only) Available on download.bareos.com
Mailing List Mailing list on google groups
(for more information see: HOWTO Contribute)
Standard Support --- 10 Incidents, Response time 2 business days
Get pricing information
Advanced Support --- 20 Incidents, Response time next business day (NBD)
Get pricing information
Premium Support --- 50 Incidents, Response time 4h at business times
Get pricing information.
Global Support --- Unlimited incidents, response time 1h, 24x7
Get pricing information.
Bugtracker https://bugs.bareos.org
Additional Features Patches welcome Funded development available
  • [1] Source Code bareos.com packages (as well as bareos.org packages) are created from the source code published to https://github.com/bareos. The Bareos project does not distinguish source code between bareos.org and bareos.com.
  • [2] Initial Major Release Initial stable release package of each major release (usually once a year) is published on http://download.bareos.org/ and https://download.bareos.com/

Support, Subscription and Professional Services

You like to use Bareos open source software but want to have professional support, subscription service or any kind of help? Please visit the commercial site www.bareos.com for more information.