How to create a bug report

Customers with a Bareos support contract, please create a ticket for your problem in the support portal.

Before filing a Bug

If you have found a security issue in Bareos, please take a look at our security policy.

If something doesn't work as expected or you think you have a great idea for improving Bareos (which is always very welcome), please don't start firing up bug reports galore.

Chances are good someone has already had the same problem, perhaps even the same great idea.

Here are some steps that are recommended to ensure your report won't be closed as "duplicate" or "no change required".

  • Read the documentation. There is a lot of information available in the documentation.
  • Please take some time to really work with Bareos and learn about its concepts.
  • Make sure you have installed the latest version available.
  • Post your problem/idea to the bareos-user mailinglist (also available via Google Groups). Things normally get sorted out quickly. Often enough, a supposed bug is just lack of experience. It is also recommended to search the mailing list archives for keywords.
  • If your questions still haven't been answered, you should browse the bug database. You can search for keywords.
  • In case the bug has already been reported, there is no need to create a duplicate entry, but you can leave a comment that confirms the existing bug, or bring some more context or shed some light on the issue.
  • Maybe your issue has already been fixed. Check wether the issue still exists in the nightly build

Creating a useful bug report: General notes

If you have worked through all those steps above and are sure that you have found a bug that needs to be reported, please keep the following things in mind:

  • When you create a bug report, it is your intention that the problem that you describe will be fixed.
  • The more information you provide, the higher are the chances that your problem gets fixed. So please take time and create a good bug report that contains all the information needed to reproduce the problem
  • Also, please keep your language polite. You want somebody to help you with your problem and solve it, that is seldomly achieved by being impolite.

Creating a useful bug report: How to report

  • Make sure you followed all the steps mentioned above.
  • Doublecheck that you followed all the steps mentioned above.
  • Reproducibility is the most important thing. A bug that cannot be reproduced is next to impossible to fix.
  • Make sure you can reproduce the bug using the nightly build yourself.
  • Try to minimize the needed steps to reproduce the bug.
  • Give precise information about how the bug can be reproduced.
    • The environment where the bug was found
      • Operating System and Version
      • Catalog Database and version
    • The configuration where the bug can be reproduced
    • The exact steps how the bug can be reproduced
    • Create log output when the bug happens.
      • Use setdebug to create a trace file
      • Windows: let the daemons write trace files, documentation is here
      • Please add the logs to the bug as attachment, do NOT paste the logs into the webinterface

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