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Binary packages

We have created repositories with binary packages for all major linux distribution (Univention Appcenter see below) and Windows Installers for (32 Bit and 64 Bit).

Please follow this link to the repositories:



Get the latest experimental versions (made from nightly builds) here:

Nightly means: whenever new code is pushed to the master GITHub repository, packages will be built, tested and pulblished during the following night.

GPG Key Information-master branch

Bareos Master Branch Packages GPG Key Information
Uid Bareos Master Branch Signing Key <>
Key ID 4096R/83978159 2018-06-15
Fingerprint 62CF E101 5079 2165 6AE1 8D9D 844F E697 8397 8159

GPG Key Information >= bareos-18.2

Bareos Packages GPG Key Information
Uid Bareos 18.2 Signing Key <>
Key ID rsa4096/A0CFE15F71F798574AB363DD118283D9A7862CEE
Fingerprint A0CF E15F 71F7 9857 4AB3 63DD 1182 83D9 A786 2CEE

GPG Key Information >= bareos-15.2

Bareos Packages GPG Key Information
Uid Bareos Packaging Signing Key <>
Key ID 4096R/093BFBA2 2015-08-24 [expires: 2021-02-13]
Fingerprint 0143 857D 9CE8 C2D1 82FE 2631 F93C 028C 093B FBA2

GPG Key Information < bareos-14.2

Bareos Packages GPG Key Information
Uid Bareos OBS Project <>
Key ID 1024D/E0F8EFD4 2013-02-10
Fingerprint 2FC0 4F7E 3421 E21B 70F3 231F 7A85 5ABD E0F8 EFD4

GPG Key Information bareos-contrib

Bareos Contrib Packages GPG Key Information
Uid contrib OBS Project <>
Key ID 2048R/5A01E889 2013-05-03
Fingerprint 9FAA 903F 511D 80A5 BED6 5101 A59E FE1D 5A01 E889

Univention App Center / UCS Bareos Appliance

Univention is the most important producer of Open Source complete solutions, the Debian based enterprise Linux distribution Univention Corporate Server (UCS), identity and infrastructure management systems and groupware and desktop solutions in the German-speaking world.

Bareos can be installed on UCS systems with just one click, using the Univention App Center. Once installed, it fits into the Univention Management Console (UMC), meaning that you can include every managed client into the Bareos server configuration.

There are also ready to use appliances with Bareos on UCS available in the App Center for VMware, VirtualBox and KVM.

Appliance / Virtual Machine

If you want to try Bareos in a quick and easy way, we can offer you a ready-to-use Bareos-appliance. The appliance features a ready-to-use installation including the webui. It is easiest to be used inside VirtualBox via the "Import appliance" option.

Currently the appliance contains Bareos in version 16.2.4.


Get the appliance here: