What does the version '12.4' mean?


There are a lot of versioning schemes for software in our days. Our first idea was to give the initial Bareos release the number 42 for obvious reasons. Then we thought 42 was very high and considered 4.2 as a good approximation to 42. Then we've remembered that our former colleagues from Suse have already done this in the mid 90th, while looking for an initial version number for the Suse distribution, after having it named simply like "Februar 1995" for a while.

This brought us back to the idea of using dates, just like Ubuntu does today.

12.4 means this release had a codefreeze in the 4th quarter of 2012. The method will apply for future releases yy.q of the time the code for the release has been freezed. 12.4.1 is the version for the first published beta.

On the other hand this does not mean that we will publish a new release every quarter.

Last update on 2013-02-13 by Maik Außendorf.

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