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Bareos 13.2.1 Beta Packages available now

Beta Packages now available

Bareos 13.2.1 beta available

This Release contains fixes and features:

  • Packages for Univention 3.1
  • first connection problem The windows version of the filedaemon did not respond to the very first connection because of a hanging pthread_once() implementation on windows. This problem was fixed by avoiding this call via a workaround.
  • config file rights The windows installer now sets admin-only access on the bareos configuration files.
  • creation of plugin directory The installer creates a plugin directory during the installation.
  • query.sql file for the sqlquery command.

Working together with the FSFE to make our repository compliant with the free software standards, we reorganized the sourcecode repository.

Details about the fixed bugs can be found in the bareos bugtracker.


The Repository is available here:

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