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Bareos 17.2 published

Bareos has already presented the release candidate for the new version 17.2 at this year’s Open Source Backup Conference in Cologne, Germany. As of now, the final release is officially published. There are many new features in the web UI as well as under the hood. Most new features were sponsored by customers.

Especially professional users with large environments will benefit from the new database optimization (de-normalization of the file table), which leads to significant speed-increase when backing up millions or more files.


An enterprise from the media industry has sponsored the enhancements regarding backups in storage are  networks using the NDMP protocol. Bareos is now capable of using the NDMP 2-way backup, which offers the  possibility to directly transfer files from the storage to a tape library over the storage area network. Furthermore single-file-restore via NDMP is now much faster thanks to the implementation of the Direct Recovery features (DAR and DDAR).

User with distributed networks, such as hosters backing up systems from customer networks, will benefit from the LanAddress feature. These customers can now perform central and / or decentral backups of clients. If both client and storage daemon have an optional LanAddress configured, the client will write the data directly to the local storage.


The webui now offers a progress bar for each running job and opens the possibility to individually run customized jobs with arbitrary options set. New to the GUI are the languages Slovak, Turkish, Czech, which sums up to 11 supported languages.


A national archive has sponsored the development of an S3 compatible interface. Users can now write and read their backup data into any Amazon S3 compatuble storage.


Installation packages for all major Linux distributions as well as Windows and MacOS are available for download. Following packages with updates and patches for this release will be available for subscription customers, only.

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