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Bareos 17.2 release candidate published

Philipp Storz presenting 17.2 at OSBConf

The release was presented at the Open Source Backup Conference 2017 in Cologne.

New features contain:

  • Database optimizations
    • Great performance enhancements for large backups (filetable denormalization)
    • Most queries are now consolidated in own file
  • NDMP
    • 2-Way backup
    • Direct backup to NDMP attached tape drive
    • DAR/DDAR: Efficient restore of single files
  • LanAddress feature
    • Direct backup to SD in LAN and WAN supported
  • Web UI with new features and more languages
    • Job progress bar
    • Customized job running (overriding defaults)
    • Job view contains list of used media
  • New supported distributions:
    • Debian 9
    • Fedora 25/26
    • Suse Leap 42.2/3.
    • Univention 4.2

The upgrade process may take some time, if you have a large filetable but it is worth the effort: backups in systems which large filetables are getting significantly faster. Please also beware that on the other side, the catalog will become somewhat bigger.

Packages are available in our Download repositories:

The OSBConf presentation is available here:

The presentation video will be available soon in the OSBConf Archive:

Looking forward for your feedback.

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