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bareos-webui 14.2 published

A new version of bareos-webui (bareos-webui 14.2) has been published.


For simplicity, we decided to keep versioning up with Bareos itself, which is why we switched from 0.1 to 14.2.


Most changes have taken place under the hood since the last update. We've implemented native connectivity to the Bareos director, meaning that the bconsole binary is no longer called. This is one major step into the direction to fully drop the direct catalog database connection and query the Bareos director itself to retrieve information stored in the catalog.


Another milestone was authentication and access control, which is now done via the native director connection and restricted named consoles. This allows you to configure different consoles with different ACL's.


It is also possible to use more than one director and the corresponding catalog, now. As the new version allows a lot more flexibilty, the configuration syntax had to change too.


For detailed instruction about how to install and configure bareos-webui see .


Packages are available at


If you experience any problems, please let us know and report your issues via our Mantis Bugtracker, see

The Bareos Team

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