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CfP: Backup and Recovery Devroom at FOSDEM

The Bareos team is proud to host the Backup and Recovery Devroom at FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels. The Call for Paper for this Devroom is open until November 29th.


FOSDEM is one of the largest gatherings of Free Software contributors in the world and takes place each year in Brussels (Belgium) at the ULB Campus Solbosch. In 2020, it will be held on Saturday February 1 and Sunday February 2.


We are inviting proposals for talks about Backup, Restore and Desaster Recovery. Please keep in mind that product pitches are not allowed at FOSDEM. The length of a talk should not exceed 45 minutes, as we would like to have questions after each presentation.


All submissions have to be made in the Pentabarf event planning tool: While filing your proposal, please provide the title of your talk, a short abstract (one or two paragraphs), some information about yourself (name, bio and photo, but please do remember that your profile might be already stored in Pentabarf). To submit your talk, click on “Create Event”, then make sure to select the “Backup and Recovery devroom” as the Track. Otherwise, your talk will not be considered for our devroom at all. If you already have a Pentabarf account from a previous year, even if your talk was not accepted, please reuse it. Create an account if, and only if, you don’t have one from a previous year. If you have any issues with Pentabarf, please contact


The deadline is Friday, November 29, 2019.

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