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History and authors

On Bacula mailinglists, blogposts and social media pages (google+, comments) people from the Bacula project have published things like

The current manual has bee taken by the Bareos project, and my name as the principle author was removed, which given that it is the fruit of 14 years of hard work, is not acceptable to me.


What irks me is a former employee of Bacula Systems is a founding member of Bareos.  During his employment with Bacula Systems, he was working on Bareos.  To me, that is theft as a servant.


There are many more statements but we were asked by some users to give a statement on these ones.


1. None of the Bareos founder is a "former Bacula employee". The Bareos co-founder Marco van Wieringen was a long year Bacula community member - 3rd most contributions according Ohloh:

2. All code in Bareos is 100% open source and used in fully compliance with the AGPL. Accordingly the documentation is used in compliance with the GNU free documentation license.

3. In earlier communication Kern demanded from Bareos a) not to be named in connection with the Bareos project. Now he claims b) that he is not named as author of the Bareos documentation. What to do?

Here is a little paragraph explaining the document's history:

4. Apart from that we publicly maintain an AUTHORS file that lists contributors (code, programs, documentation) to Bareos (including Bacula contributors until the fork).

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