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MySQL and Icinga Plugins packaged

We've 2 Bareos Python plugins from the contrib tree packaged into rpms (debian / ubuntu will follow later), ready to install in our contrib-repository:


MySQL plugin

RPM: bareos-contrib-filedaemon-python-plugin-mysql

This plugin dumps each database into a single file. It can be configured to just dump certain databases or by default dump every DB it finds. Everything can be configured via the plugin call in the FileSet resource.
Details are here in the README file:


Icinga / Nagios (NSCA) plugin

RPM: bareos-contrib-director-python-plugin-nsca

This director plugin can be called in the Job Resource, it uses NSCA to submit a passive check result to Icinga with job status and a couple of performance data like #files, #bytes, time, throughput.



This plugin can also serve as a blueprint to connect Bareos to system management tools, like ticket systems, in order to submit job results and performance data to any other system.


Both plugins are tested manually on some platforms but did not go through our QA process like the bareos packages do. Any help, test results, feedback, patches and so on are appreciated. If you are on Debian / Ubuntu and don't want to wait for packages: just grab the *py files from GIT and place them into your Bareos plugins directory.

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