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New features ready for testing

We've developed  some new features over the last months which are available in our experimental nightly builds. Not production ready, yet - but ready for testing. We are looking forward to any feedback, bug reports, suggestions, documenation help.

This article gives a short overview of some new features:

Windows director and storage daemon

We've ported all Bareos components on Windows: you can now run a Bareos server with director and storage daemon in a Windows only environment. Just select the components when running the graphical installer. Here is a little screencast, showing the installer running.

Python plugin interface

Bacula's FD plugin interface calls C-functions at certain entry points in the FD code. Developing plugins required deep C-knowledge. In Bareos this plugin interface has been extended with python bindings. This allows developers to write FD plugins in Python. There is still work to be done on the documentation but here is a README.

Cloud Storage Backend

We now have experimental support for some cluster file systems and cloud object stores, like Gluster, Ceph and Amazon S3. Details are described in this mail thread.

Support for Blocksize settings per Pool

The blocksize has big impact on the write speed to tapes. To enable the flexible usage of different Blocksizes in one installation and migrating an existing installation to a new Blocksize, we now support setting Block Sizes per Pool and setting the Label Block Size per device. Details can be found in the documentation.

We've changed the blocksize for our productive tape pool from the old default value 63KB to 1MB and the throughput increased from 56MB/second up to 80MB/second.

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