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Linux Bare Metal Restore with REAR and Bareos

Bare Metal Restore tool REAR 1.15 supports Bareos as backend

Relax-and-Recover is a GNU/Linux system administrator tool used to create disaster recovery images which makes bare metal restore easier. System administrators use Relax-and-Recover as part of a disaster recovery policy which complements a good backup policy.

REAR creates an individual boot image for each machine. This image contains all relevant information to automatically boot and fully configure a minimal Linux system. Having accomplished this task, REAR uses a backup backend to restore the machine's data. With the new release 1.15.0 REAR supports Bareos as backend.

The REAR project was founded by Dag Wieërs, Schlomo Schapiro and Gratien D’haese. Gratien presents the new REAR Release on the Open Source Backup Conference 2013.

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