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French Government recommends Bareos

SILL-LogoLike in previous years, Bareos made it on the SILL list. The Socle Interministériel de Logiciels Libres is a reference list that recommends Free and Open Source software solutions for the French IT sector, e.g. office and collaboration software, web browsers, mail servers & clients, database systems, etc. Among the 160 recommendations from the 2019 list, Bareos is the only entry in the category Sauvegarde Serveur (server backup).


Since Free and Open Source software is part of France’s general IT strategy, an interministerial working group in France prepares and publishes a collection of recommended tools and applications every year. SILL was first published in 2012, and in 2016 Bareos appeared for the first time with status O (en observation = under observation). Since 2018 our backup solution has the status R (recommandé = recommended), and we're really delighted to carry on like this in 2019!

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